Monthly Archives: June 2017

New Domain

ARCANUM.NU – New domain for fanlistings and other sites of darker subject matter 😀

New Sites

New sites!

My 2nd fanlisting collective, Glaring Dream!, was actually opened a few months ago. I forgot to mention it. Somniare was getting so crowded, so I decided to have another collective just for anime, manga, games and whatnot.

My icon archive, the SIMULACRUM, is just now opened. Not all my icons are uploaded yet (some got lost over time ;o;) but I am proud of the layout; it’s not much compared to some people’s talent, but I worked hard on it. ^_^

I also have a silly Toybox for the pixels I adopt.

Lastly, I fixed up my contact page. It is no longer totally ugly. 😀

My next plan is a transparent PNGs site.