100 Things

I’ve seen this around and decided it might be fun to think up 100 things about myself.

1. I am decidedly a cat person. I have no favorite breed in particular, I just love them all!
2. I like specific dog breeds. My favorites are Shiba Inu and Golden Retriever.
3. I’m a small-L libertarian.
4. I hate politics. I get irritated when people try to be political with me. Please don’t!
5. I have autism, and I do not like it.
6. I have been making websites since 2000. My first was a bunch of anime shrines crammed into one huge site.
7. I have a cat named Oscar. He was a rescue, very badly abused. I love him ♥
8. My 16 year old cat Lengoe Hideki passed away in 2016. I miss him very much. 🙁
9. My very first anime (that I remember) was Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) in like…gosh…1989 or 1990?
10. I have been a horror movie fan (total gore whore!) since I was four, because of my dad, who let me watch movies I shouldn’t have seen at that age XD
11. I’m hypersensitive to sound, heat, touch, smell etc. Stepping on something the size of a grain of sand can really bother me.
12. I can’t remember faces very well. At all, really. I don’t know why O_o
13. I collect anything to do with Princess Jasmine!
14. I like to draw. I don’t do it as much in the past many years, but every once in a while I can finish something.
15. I always love male anime/game characters with white or purple hair, it seems. I have noticed this trend for a long time XD
16. I went to New York City, once, in June 2001. It was a dream to go, but also a major culture shock!
17. I saw Rocky Horror on Broadway in NYC and it was AWESOME
18. I collect Funko Pops, but only of characters I love. I don’t have that many yet.
19. I have a weird fixation on palm trees.
20. My first (and only) concert was Ozzfest in August of 2004. It sucked. Too hot, missed seeing Lacuna Coil, and a cup of water was something like $4.
21. I like many many many different kinds of music.
22. My favorite Disney movies are Aladdin (and the sequels), The Great Mouse Detective, The Emperor’s New Groove and Hunchback of Notre Dame.
23. My favorite horror movies are Hellraiser 1-4, Candyman 1-3, Stargate, Dune, IwtV, From Hell, The Thing, etc
24. I’m addicted to watching crime shows and documentaries.
25. I am actually a religious person and this seems to surprise people, I guess because of some of my interests and how I dress. I just don’t talk about it much.
26. I don’t like Tumblr. Or Facebook, really, but I still use FB because it’s easier to keep in touch with certain people that way.
27. I love Lighthouses.
28. Unsolved mysteries and paranormal stuff intrigues me.
29. I collect fortune cookie slips, all the way back to 2000. I keep them in a heart shaped jar.
30. May 7th 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of my Grandfather’s death and I am dreading it.
31. My favorite game of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
32. I really want to visit an active volcano up close.
33. My favorite TV show is The X-Files.
34. When I was a kid, I wanted to be: A Veterinarian (until I realized I’d have to euthanize animals), an Archaeologist & an Astronaut.
35. I live in the mountains but want to live on the coast!
36. I don’t have (or want) a smartphone. I want a flip phone though.
37. I truly loathe cabbage in all it’s odious forms. When my family eats sauerkraut, I want to cry.
38. I have a LOT of Hello Kitty stuff, particularly plushes.
39. One of my hobbies is photography.
40. I have a bunch of swords in my closet including a replica gunblade a friend got me!
41. I like tart-tasting things. Sour things too.
42. I like to cook and bake, even though I’m not the best. Still learning.
43. I would like to try my hand at horror comics. I don’t know how to plan the pages out, though.
44. I’m always washing my hands and spraying Febreeze all over the place. I am a germophobe.
45. I have to have TWO fans on me in order to sleep at night. o_o
46. I love crushed velvet.
47. I had my gallbladder taken out very suddenly in 2014. Literally the same day the pain started.
48. One of the things I love is making people happy, or doing something that’s helpful.
49. My best friend’s names are Ashley and Jessica.
50. My favorite author is H.P. Lovecraft.

To be continued….