Upcoming Projects

Site: Himura.org
Subject: ??
URL: http://himura.org
Status: Still have to figure out exactly what to do with the main part of the domain. It has a couple of sites already but nothing at himura.org itself O_o

Site: Crowned.nu
Subject: Cliques, fansites, etc
URL: http://crowned.nu
Status: I have sites planned but none of them are functional atm.

Site: Art of Life
Subject: My artworks
URL: http://art.celestial.nu
Status: workin’ on it.

Site: Carte-de-Visite
Subject: My growing collection of carte-de-visite, cabinet cards and various other old photos.
URL: http://??
Status: planning

Site: Weird Angles
Subject: My own photography, so named because I’ll contort myself into weird positions to get a good shot. XD
URL: http://??
Status: planning

Site: Not Yet Named
Subject: Pixel art & adopts
URL: http://??
Status: planning

Sites I want to make
Shrines to my favourite characters
A Banner rotation